September 08, 2016- there anybody out there...just nod if you can see me...LOL
     It has been a long time since I have been on this page. I would like to apologize.for that. For the past two years my life has crashed down around me. Since I have been on here in May of 2014, I rebuilt,settled, and then suddenly lost my father. Went through a six month period at work where I was physically attacked on a continous period. Sent way to many of my fur babies across the rainbow bridge, Mosquito, Anya, Pharaoh, Wildflower, 3 kittens, A hedgie, Nancy, Christian, and Johnny Rotten to name a few. The worst part was they went one right after the other. Then for the past year I have been fighting for the lives of two dogs who were unjustly declared dangerous and ordered to be distroyed. The day they got out and killed a free roaming cat, one was shot three separate times and threatened me with a gun. This happened over a year ago and nothing has been done.

Papa's blog ... PBAH Rescue

     It is May 27, 2014. I have been out of pocket for over a month. I am sorry  for that to anyone person or animal I have let me down. My step mother passed away and my father has become very ill  is having issues with his mental facilities. The rescue has been at a stand still and I'm sorry for that. We are slowly coming back at the moment. 

we are a 501c3, non-profit charity

Who we are

Welcome to Papa Bear’s Animal House, an all animal rescue. We are located in North Central Texas, We are located in the only ‘city’ in Wilbarger county. Though we do have a humane society (Wilbarger Humane Society), they can only do so much. The kill rate averages close to 70%.  

We are 6 like minded individuals brought together by geography and love of animals. This rescue was founded by Donna Pate in 2011, after the death of a 9 year old patriarch of a horrific puppy mill/hoarder rescue. 

We are a multi species rescue. It is very important to get the correct care for each animal in order for them to thrive and survive.  In order to do this correctly we need help and rely on others who specialize in each species of animal. Some of these individuals are: 


Wild life orphans require very specialized care, some even have diseases which can be transmitted to the unsuspecting human who tries to help them.  I have taken a few wildlife classes in order to learn the correct methods to care for these animals. I turn to Mary Kemp of Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release
 with any questions or concerns. She is a licensed wildlife rehabber and has experience working with baby wildlife and most importantly has the knowledge to teach them the skills they will need to survive once they are returned to their natural environment. 

Reptiles and Amphibians also require very specialized care. I know little of the correct temperature, humidity, and food in order to help these animals to thrive. I turn to Mike from Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue for help. He deals with both domesticated (pets) and injured wildlife. If you find a turtle on the side of the road or attacked by a cat or dog, he would be the man to call. 

As for birds, there is the wild bird rescue, located in Wichita Falls. 


Though I have experience working with dogs, there are many things I come along, caused by nature, ignorance, or other reasons that I need help with. I turn to Robin Menard who has experience working with special needs and aggressive dogs.I also keep Helen Garcia of Garcia Rottie Rescue on speed dial. I also turn to Mackinzie McClure of SFABB who runs a bully breed rescue. 

We rely on Fox Animal Services for all of our veterinarian help. 

Papa Bear’s Animal House is an organization named after a very special boy. He was part of a horrible breeding situation and he touched the heart of every rescuer he came in contact with – in fact every person he came in contact with. He was kind, quiet and a very gentle giant. He had this way about him that made everything ok. Even after the horror he faced he had an amazing outlook on life. And because of him, and all the others in his situation for whatever reason, we rescue. We make a difference one life at a time because to that one life it is the world. 

PBAH rescue

a multi species rescue